Cobblers Nibble 100g/200g *Local Produce

Cobblers Nibble 100g/200g *Local Produce

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Cobblers Nibble is part of the new breed of English cheeses which are really boosting the artisan cheese industry in the UK. Made in Northamptonshire using pasteurised milk from a local herd of Fresian cows, Cobblers Nibble brings together some of the best aspects of traditional English cheeses and creates a new type of cheese which is simply fantastic.

Cobblers Nibble has a lovely, crumbly texture reminiscent of Cheshire or Wensleydale, but as you taste it, this gives way to a rich creaminess more akin to a soft cheese which then finishes with a long, slightly bitter blue finish. This is a hugely versatile cheese equally at home on a cheeseboard or melted on top of boiled potatoes, it also has a striking appearance with a beautifully unique rind, which comes from a secret aging process that the cheesemaker refuses to give away!

Suitable for Vegetarians.

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