Saxby's Rhubarb Cider (Sparkling) 500ml

Saxby's Rhubarb Cider (Sparkling) 500ml

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Yorkshire rhubarb and Saxby’s Cider - a match made in sparkling cider heaven! A light cider with a balance of sweetness and acidity with a full rhubarb finish.

The overall flavour of the rhubarb is the star here. The infusion of the fruit is done with care and has brought out the tart dryness of this unique flavour.”

”This is a well-balanced cider showcasing the best of both fruits but not disguising that this is a cider”
(Written by Cheryl Cade, Beer & Cider Sommelier and International judge.)

Naturally gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan friendly!

ABV: 3.5%